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One of the most stylish kinds of roofs is the tile roof. This style is associated with Spanish architecture, and makes for a beautiful, rustic addition to any home in Florida. It is important, however, to make sure that this style of roofing material goes with the architecture of your house. Some houses are not made to structurally support the weight of tile roofing. Of course, tile roofing alternatives that are of lighter weight are available, such as metal roofing shingles that resemble clay and cement roofing tiles.

Tile roofing has many advantages. For instance, tile roofs lasts much longer than the other types of roofs, and they typically do not require much maintenance. A well installed tile roof can last up to fifty years at a time!

However there is one major drawback to using tile roofing. Tile roofs in require special materials and expertise to install, and therefore cannot be done by just any roofer or enthusiastic DIY homeowner. Also, the cost of tile roofing installation is much higher than that of the other type of roof.

So the first thing to remember while installing tile roofing is that it should suit the structural capacity of the house, and secondly, you need to hire help from a professional Colorado Tile Roofing Contractor like Roof N Exteriors. Once installed the correct way, the tile roof of your house is going to last a very long time without the need for much maintenance. And just think of how beautiful it will look!

*Get Strength & Beauty in Tile Roofing with Boral Roofing*

Boral Roofing is a subsidiary of Boral USA and is the country’s largest premium provider of complete roofing and re-roofing solutions for architects as well as commercial and residential builders. Boral Roofing operates 14 clay and concrete tile manufacturing plants throughout the US.

  • Nation’s Leading Sustainable Roof Tile Manufacturer
  • Premium Clay and Concrete Roof Tile
  • Cool Roof Systems
  • Trusted Partner Since 1962
  • America’s Largest Roof Tile Manufacturer
  • BoralPure® - Smog Eating Concrete Tile Manufacturer

    The Benefits of Tile Roofing

  • Energy Efficient - Tile has inherent insulation properties due to its high thermal mass. This helps reduce peak energy demand and energy costs – making your home more comfortable to live in and less costly to heat and cool.
  • Green – Not a Petroleum-Based Product - Tile is made from naturally occurring, locally-sourced, plentiful raw materials.
  • Limited Lifetime, Transferable Concrete Warranty - Your investment in your new tile roof is protected with our exclusive warranty.
  • Durable and Permanent - Long Lifecycle A tile roof is your best option when you consider its durability against other types of roofing materials.
  • Unmatched Beauty and Curb Appeal - A beautiful home starts with a beautiful roof. Boral Roofing will provide you with a myriad of products in colors and styles to complement your architectural style and enhance your curb appeal.
  • Protection From The Elements - Some of our concrete tiles have been tested against elements of nature: fire, hail, freeze-thaw, high winds and seismic activity. Visit our website at www.boralroof.com to see how each type of tile withstands such elements, and for complete testing results.
  • Can Reduce Insurance Costs - If you are in a region prone to fire or hail activity, select tile roofs may actually help reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Improves Your Resale Value - Differentiate your home with a roof that adds curb appeal, reduced maintenance, improved energy efficiency and improved protection from the elements.

Benefits of Concrete Tile

Our concrete tile offers an extensive range of styles and colors to compliment any architectural design. From traditional Spanish barrel tile profiles, to low-profile shake and slate products, no other roofing manufacturer matches Boral Roofing’s extensive selection.

For over 50 years, Boral Roofing customers have enjoyed the quality and performance of the latest technology and purest materials used to produce concrete tiles that can withstand the harshest of climate conditions. Boral Roofing’s concrete tiles offer Class A fire-rating, hail resistance*, heat and noise insulation, and can withstand winds of up-to 150 mph. Furthermore, we exclusively offer a line of innovative concrete tiles that remove smog and other pollutants from the atmosphere while inhibiting mold and algae growth.

Concrete tile is one of the most sustainable roofing systems in today’s market. Not only do we offer a wide variety of energy saving, reflective cool roof colors, our manufacturing process has a small carbon footprint and uses only naturally occurring and abundant resources. Our products contain no chemical preservatives, can substantially reduce energy consumption, and are up to 100% recyclable.

Concrete tile is the most affordable, long-term roofing solution on the market. Not only does Boral Roofing tile deliver long-lasting value, it adds curb appeal and increases property value. Low maintenance, energy-saving and aesthetic appeal make concrete tile the best overall value in roofing products.

Benefits of Clay Tile

Boral Roofing has the most extensive choice of profiles and styles of clay roofing tiles in the nation, ranging from traditional mission style barrel tiles to flat tiles that deliver the aesthetics of natural slate and wood shake. The unique design of our traditional mission tile allows for a wide variety of installation options including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns and much more.

Clay tile is known for its long-term durability and longevity by being wind, hail and fire resistant. Boral Roofing’s modern manufacturing techniques enhance this durability giving customers a roofing product that’s sure to last a lifetime.**

Boral Roofing clay tile products outperform virtually any roofing product on the market today. Grade 1 clay tiles can withstand an array of weather conditions (windy, wet, dry, hot and cold) without losing their beauty.**

Boral Roofing’s domestically produced clay roofing products are the first roof tiles in the world to receive the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, insuring they are truly sustainable and will not harm the environment. Our clay roofing products use up to 59% recycled raw materials, are 100% recyclable and come in a wide variety of approved cool roof rated colors.

Clay tile has proven its durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal over thousands of years. Boral Roofing offers a wide range of clay roofing products to fit any budget: from 1-Piece “S” Tile with easy installation and cost savings, to hand- made, imported Cielo™ tile, Boral Roofing has a clay tile roofing product to meet any project’s style and budget.

Our Tile Roofing Includes These Detailed Services

  • Tile Roofing Repairs
  • Tile Roof Installation
  • Tile Roof Replacement
  • Tile Roof Estimates
  • Tile Roof Inspections
  • Tile Roofing Shingles
  • Clay Tile Roofing
  • Tile Roofing Restoration
  • Cement Tile Roofing

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Denver, CO | Lakewood, CO | Highlands Ranch, CO | Littleton, CO | Golden, CO | Colorado Springs, CO | Castle Rock, CO | Parker, CO | Black Forest, CO | Woodland Park, CO

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Why Homeowners Should Hire Us For Their Tile Roofing

Roof N Exteriors is a Tile Roofing company that Lakewood Colorado area homeowners have to come to rely on for quality roofing remodeling and restoration as well as roofing damage repair and replacement services. With our experienced roofing contractors you can rest easy knowing your home's roofing is in good hands. All of our professional roofers are trained and skilled in the roofing remodeling, storm damage roof repair and insurance roof restoration fields.

Since day one our goal has been to provide local homeowners with Tile Roofing services that are second to none. We will work with you every step along to way to ensure that you are truly happy with our roofing services and your finished product. Call to speak with one of our Tile Roofing contractors today and see why Roof N Exteriors has become a trusted roofing and exterior remodeling and restoration company!

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