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Exterior Remodeling Services Colorado

Home remodeling is not just for the interior of your home. In many cases, the exterior of a home can be in desperate need of renovation. The exterior is the most evident part of your home in the Colorado area, but too frequently it can also be the most neglected. With all the wear and tear the exterior of your house is faced with, it doesn't take long for the exterior of a home to look worn and faded.

The outer surface is a significant part of any house. With exterior remodeling by Roof N Exteriors, you can enhance the efficiency of your house, ensuring the exterior siding, roofing and windows are holding up properly, while adding value to your home at the same time. This is a home improvement investment that is well worth considering!

Roof N Exteriors' goal is to provide you with stress-free restoration of your home, property, and/or business. It all begins with a detailed inspection of the exterior of your property thus insuring a proper claim is filed with your insurance company. 

We know the importance of a keen eye, we know the insurance industry, we know the necessary city requirements and codes and we know the best products on the market. 

While the nature of our business requires us to focus primarily on the exterior of your property, in some cases interior damage occurs as well. We have years of experience in the construction industry so when interior repair is needed, rest assured Roof N Exteriors is here to help with that as well.


Painting LakewoodOur professional Exterior Painting Contractors prepare the surface of your home to ensure the best paint adhesion despite contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust and loose dirt that can affect the quality of the exterior painting job. Once complete, your exterior painting job will look beautful and last for years to come.Read More


Windows Remodeling ColoradFor years, we have been proud to offer Colorado area homeowners quality energy saving vinyl windows, wood frame windows and professional window installation. Our constant attention to quality and detail has allowed us to become the leader in energy efficient replacement windows in the area.Read More


Gutters Lakewood COCleaning gutters can be a dangerous task. Roof N Exteriors Gutter Cleaners will clean, flush your gutters and remove all the debris. 

Our gutter installation experts can properly and effieciently install your new gutter system on your Lakewood, Denver or Colorado Springs area homeRead More


Fences ColoradoOur Fence Remodeling Contractors will professionally clean, restore, stain, treat and refinish your fence to ensure you protect your investment.Read More


Sheds ColoradoRoof N Exteriors Sheds can make provide entertaining space, perfect for workshops, landscaping storage - or an exciting club-house and hang-out for the kids! Read More

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