Certified Inspectors

Mission of Certified Inspectors:

  • As consumer advocates, our job is to inform and protect the homeowner.
  • Inspect: Using the standards defined by major insurance carriers, our certified inspectors impartially evaluate the damage and compile a report.
  • Consult: Advocate for the homeowner, manage the claim, and keep you informed, but not overwhelmed.
  • Compare: Inspectors compare their report with the insurance provider’s estimate.

The Mark of a True Professional:

Inspector on Roof“Certified Inspector” is a term that carries a lot of weight in both the roofing and insurance industries. This designation requires a person to complete intensive courses for both commercial and residential roof inspections that combine damage assessment training with comprehensive testing to ensure proficiency.

Once certified, this inspector is considered a true authority in the business; experienced in quickly and accurately inspecting roofs and correctly evaluating damage. A Certified Inspector’s conclusions have undeniable credibility.

Construction Consulting

denver-certified-inspectorAfter a loss, onsite damage assessment is the crucial step on which every other aspect of your construction restoration process depends. Do it well, and you can approach the rest with confidence and peace of mind. Our Certified Inspectors have a peerless track record for determining precisely the scope of the damage and mapping out the best approach to recovery after a disaster. Retaining Roof N Exteriors (our sister company) to complete the repairs becomes a smooth transition from inspection to repairs.

Advantages of our Certified Inspectors:

  • You retain your current Inspector/Consultant throughout whole process, who knows the project better than anyone.

  • (If necessary) Our Certified Inspectors meets with insurance adjusters to agree on the scope of damages, making sure they denote all the damage.

  • We process all your paperwork (estimate and supplements) and provide the insurance provider the necessary paperwork to keep the project moving forward.

  • On-site project management by our Certified Inspectors assures you that the job is done correctly and timely.

  • We ensure all the necessary damage repairs are completed.

  • We submit all final paperwork to ensure you receive your correct final payment from the insurance provider.

  • We process the insurance payments to your mortgage company, which is a very cumbersome process. We have the knowledge and paperwork ready to go, so you have no worries throughout the process.

  • We provide a 7 year labor warranty to give you the confidence that you are protected.


True or False

1. It is OK for a door-to-door roofing salesman to pay my insurance deductible with promotions and incentives.

FALSE! On June 6th, 2012 the state of Colorado passed Senate Bill 12-038 prohibiting roofing contractors to pay for insurance deductibles.

(Colorado ONLY - See Colorado Senate Bill 12-038)

2. Your insurance provider pays corporate staff adjusters and independent adjusting firms to produce their estimates.

TRUE! Both the independent and staff adjusters are paid by the insurance companies. Insurance companies provide guidelines and limits to the adjusters as to what they are willing to pay. This is not an advantage to the homeowner.

3. Shopping for the lowest estimate does not allow you to put extra money in your pocket.

TRUE! For example, if the insurance company estimates $10,000 for repairs and you pick a contractor that will do the work for $8,000, the insurance company will only pay $8,000 minus your deductible. Choose your contractor based on the one that will perform the best quality work for the insurance price, and the one with whom you feel the most comfortable.

4. After a claim is filed, if the homeowner chooses not to repair the damages the insurance company will not pay for those repairs after the next storm.

TRUE! Insurance carriers are saving past claim data. It is recommended to have all repairs completed within your policy’s allotted time, which is generally six months to one year.

5. I can feel confident with the door-to-door roofing salesman that come through my neighborhood and want me to sign a contract right away.

FALSE! Most of these companies are out of state storm chasers and only want to handle the replacement of the roof. This leaves homeowners to deal with smaller repairs caused by the storm. It is recommended you work with a full-service contractor that can handle your entire claim.

6. It is OK to take a door-to-door roofing salesman's advice, who is telling I have minimal damage, to file the claim and see what happens.

FALSE! When you file the claim it is on record. It is a “strike” against your insurance record. It is recommended that you have a Certified Inspector to evaluate the damage.

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